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Video: Mother Saves Daughter From Wild Raccoon

Raccoon - Sputnik International, 1920, 04.12.2022
The raccoon is one of the few species that thrive despite increased human activity. Wild raccoons can pose a serious threat as they carry a number of diseases and are not afraid of approaching humans.
A seven-year-old girl in Connecticut was attacked by a raccoon on her home's front porch, but was saved by her mother.
On the morning of Friday, December 2, a security camera managed to capture the animal suddenly approaching a young girl, Rylee MacNamara, when she had just stepped out of her home on her way to school.
The raccoon attacked the girl, gripping her left foot with its teeth. The girl started screaming and repeatedly tried to kick it off, but couldn’t get free from animal on her own.
In a moment, her mother ran out to help her, apparently having heard her crying.
The mother, Kelsey MacNamara, managed to grab the raccoon by the scruff, while telling her daughter to get back into the house. Then she warned everyone that it was a "rabid raccoon” and hurled it back into the yard. Afterwards, she immediately entered the house.

“Mother behaved in a way that was very heroic…She did everything correctly. By avoiding getting bit, warning the neighbor to stay back and and getting the child to safety”, said Geoff Krukar, a wildlife biologist at the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

He also mentioned that the raccoon appeared to be sick, adding that "[If] they see a raccoon that's acting abnormally that could be frothing at the mouth, pursuing them, getting in close proximity, they should definitely report that to the authorities".
Local animal control officials said the raccoon ran back into the woods and hasn’t yet been found.
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