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Russia's Special Operation in Ukraine
On February 24, Russia launched a special military operation in Ukraine, aiming to liberate the Donbass region where the people's republics of Donetsk and Lugansk had been living under regular attacks from Kiev's forces.
U.S. troops from 5th Battalion of the 7th Air Defense Regiment are seen at a test range in Sochaczew, Poland, on Saturday, March 21, 2015 - Sputnik International

LIVE UPDATES: Pentagon Has No Plans to Provide Patriot Missiles to Ukraine

In February, Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine after calls for help from the republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. President Vladimir Putin stressed that Moscow aims to stop the eight-year-long war, waged by Kiev against the people of Donbass.
Russian forces have been targeting energy facilities across Ukraine since 10 October in retaliation for multiple attacks on Russian infrastructure and the bombing of the Crimean Bridge, reportedly carried out by Kiev's special services.
The strikes are aimed at power, defense industry, military command and energy infrastructure facilities throughout Ukraine. Over the past month, air raid alerts have been sounded in Ukrainian regions every day, with many parts of the country experiencing power cuts.
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03:16 GMT 01.12.2022
In this handout video grab released by the Russian Defence Ministry, Russian servicemen are pictured by military equipment captured by Russian troops during Russia's military operation in Ukraine, near the village of Huta-Mezhyhirska, in Ukraine - Sputnik International, 1920, 01.12.2022
Russia's Special Operation in Ukraine
Kiev Lost Some 60 Troops, 20 Armored Vehicles During Snigirevka Attack - District Head
02:30 GMT 30.11.2022
Russian Foreign Ministry: Satellites Used Against Russia in Ukraine May Become Legitimate Targets
Quasi-civilian satellites used by Western countries to support the Ukrainian military throughout the conflict may become legitimate targets for Russia, Vladimir Ermakov, the director of the Russian Foreign Ministry's non-proliferation and arms control department, has told Sputnik.
"Western countries are actively using the potential of civilian space infrastructure, first of all, a group of low-orbiting satellites, to support operations of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. These are used to exclusively perform combat tasks to reveal locations, routes of movement and actions of Russian troops, to control combat aerial vehicles, as well as to target high-precision munitions from space," Ermakov said.
He added that such a provocative use of "civilian satellites at the very least raises questions in the context of the Outer Space Treaty" and "requires the most serious condemnation by the world community."
"We confirm that such quasi-civilian infrastructure, should it be used in military action against Russia, may quite logically become a legitimate target for a retaliatory strike," Ermakov said.
Given the global coverage of the Earth by civilian spacecraft, "the Pentagon is testing the concept of a prospective command and control system for troops anywhere in the world, and the vast majority of countries have no effective means of countering it," the director said.
"We advocate the prevention of the use of civilian commercial satellites to achieve combat tasks. We urge all countries interested in the proper use of space technologies to make joint efforts in the interests of the exploration of near-Earth space for purely peaceful purposes," the diplomat noted.
"The development of legally binding norms of international law that would be comprehensive in nature and aimed at the prevention of an arms race in outer space" is the only way to ensure that outer space is used only for peaceful purposes, Ermakov said.
02:01 GMT 30.11.2022
Air Raid Warnings Issued in Two Regions of Ukraine - Ministry
20:09 GMT 29.11.2022
Pentagon: No Plans to Provide Patriot Missiles to Ukraine
The United States does not have any plans at this time to provide Patriot surface-to-air missile systems to Ukraine, Defense Department spokesperson Pat Ryder said on Tuesday.
"Air defense continues to be a top priority for the Defense Department and for the international community when it comes to supporting Ukraine. In terms of any type of Patriot battery from the US, right now, we have no plans to provide Patriot batteries to Ukraine, but again, we’ll continue to have those discussions," Ryder said during a press briefing.
Advanced systems such as the Patriot missile system require significant maintenance and training, which is accounted for when determining what aid to provide Ukraine, Ryder said.
18:21 GMT 29.11.2022
17:39 GMT 29.11.2022
Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Tells NATO Secretary General to Speed Up Weapon Deliveries
Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba informed NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg about the need to boost the production of weapons in member states as well as speed up delivery of these arms for the country’s military at the NATO foreign ministers' meeting in Bucharest on Tuesday.

"Today I have three other words, which are faster, faster and faster. We appreciate what has been done … But decision on weapons, decision on launching new production lines of weapons in Western countries, they have to be made faster, and deliveries of weapons have to be done faster," Kuleba said at a joint press conference.

He added that Ukraine was in grave need of transformers and generators necessary to survive the coming winter and "provide people with decent living conditions".

Stoltenberg, in turn, reaffirmed that NATO would support Ukraine for "as long as it takes" and condemned air strikes on the country’s critical infrastructure.

"We are all shocked by the indiscriminate attacks on Ukrainian cities, on Ukrainian infrastructure. We see that … President [of Russia Vladimir] Putin is using winter as a weapon," the secretary general said.

The meeting of NATO foreign ministers is taking place in the Romanian capital, Bucharest, from November 29-30.

In April, the Russian Foreign Ministry sent a note of protest to the NATO members which provide arms to Ukraine. The Russian authorities stressed that these actions undermine prospects for a future peace process and would have a negative impact on the situation in Ukraine.
17:24 GMT 29.11.2022
McCarthy Says Doesn’t Support Blank Check for Ukraine, Wants to Ensure Funds Used Properly
US House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said on Tuesday that he does not support a “blank check” for aid to any cause, including Ukraine, and wants to ensure that taxpayer funds are spent correctly.

“I’m not for a blank check for anything. This is hard-working taxpayer money, and I want to make sure that whatever funding we send goes to the right places,” McCarthy said during a press conference, when asked where he stands on support for future Ukraine aid.
17:01 GMT 29.11.2022
Senior US Defense Official on Whether Patriots are Being Considered for Ukraine: All Capabilities are on the Table
The United States is considering providing Patriot surface-to-air missile missiles to Ukraine, a senior Defense Department official told reporters on Tuesday.
"All capabilities are on the table," the official said when asked whether the US government has been considering providing Patriot missiles to Ukraine.
US defense officials have said that the Patriot batteries would complement the existing capabilities provided to Ukraine and would be helpful to counter ballistic missile attacks.
16:31 GMT 29.11.2022
Zelensky, Scholz Discuss Peaceful Resolution of Ukrainian Conflict, Missile Defense
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Tuesday that he discussed the peaceful resolution of the Ukrainian conflict and the country's protection against missile attacks with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

"I had a phone call with German Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz. I am grateful for supporting the #GrainfromUkraine initiative. We also discussed the implementation of the Ukrainian Peace Formula and cooperation to protect Ukraine from Russian missile terror," Zelensky tweeted.

Russia has been delivering air strikes on Ukraine's military and energy infrastructure since October 10, two days after the bombing of the Crimean bridge, which Moscow has blamed on Ukrainian special services.

Earlier this month, Zelensky laid out the conditions for peace negotiations with Russia, demanding restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity, respect for the UN Charter, "compensation for all damages caused by the war," and guarantees that the conflict will not happen again, among others.
15:34 GMT 29.11.2022
Croatian Prime Minister Insists on Training Ukrainian Military

"As for the EU military assistance mission to Ukraine, our decision is in line with morality, international law and it also protects Croatia's interests. We do the only thing right and possible. Otherwise it would be immoral and wrong," Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said on Twitter.

15:25 GMT 29.11.2022
US Will Provide $53 Million to Ukraine to Support Electrical System, Report Suggests
The United States will provide Ukraine with $53 million to acquire critical electricity grid equipment as its system comes under pressure due to Russia's special military operation and approaching winter, the State Department said on Tuesday.

"In the midst of Russia’s continued brutal attacks against Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, Secretary of State Blinken announced today during a meeting of the G7+ on the margins of the NATO Ministerial in Bucharest that the United States government is providing over $53 million to support acquisition of critical electricity grid equipment," the release stated.

This equipment, which includes distribution transformers, circuit breakers, surge arresters, disconnectors, vehicles and other key equipment will be rapidly delivered in order to help Ukrainians persevere through the winter.

This new funding is in addition to the $55 million that the US previously provided in emergency energy sector support for generators and other equipment to help restore emergency power and heat to local municipalities impacted by the conflict.

Since Russia’s special operation began on February 24, the Biden administration has provided nearly $32 billion in assistance to Ukraine.
15:06 GMT 29.11.2022
Hungary Opposes Ukraine-NATO Commission Until Kiev Respects Minority Rights

"They say that we prevented the convening of an official meeting of the Ukraine-NATO commission. There is nothing new and nothing surprising in our position. A few years ago we made it clear that we will not agree to the convocation of this commission (Ukraine-NATO) until Ukraine returns the rights to the Transcarpathian Hungarians," Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on social media.

According to the diplomat, Budapest has not touched upon this issue since the beginning of Russia's special operation and is not going to do it now.

"We hope that peace will come as soon as possible, and then this issue can be discussed again," Szijjarto said.

13:52 GMT 29.11.2022
IAEA Will Strengthen Its Presence at All Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plants - Agency's Head Grossi
13:43 GMT 29.11.2022
Kremlin: Russia-Ukraine Peace Talks Impossible Due to Kiev's Refusal
No peace talks with Ukraine are possible now due to Kiev's absolute refusal to negotiate, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday, commenting on a statement by German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

"Indeed, no negotiations are possible now, because they are absolutely denied by the Ukrainian side. The special military operation continues," Peskov said.

On Monday, in an interview with the German media, Steinmeier said that holding the armistice talks between Ukraine and Russia would be "reckless" since it would "condone" Russia’s behaviour.
13:22 GMT 29.11.2022
Blinken Says NATO to Reinforce Presence From Black to Baltic Seas

"We're going to reinforce our presence from the Black to the Baltic seas," Blinken said at a joint press conference with Romanian Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu.

11:53 GMT 29.11.2022
Latest briefing of the Russian Ministry of Defense
10:52 GMT 29.11.2022
Putin: It's Necessary to Implement Russian Judicial System in New Territories in Short Time, Citizens Should Have Right to Judicial Protection
10:46 GMT 29.11.2022
Italian Prime Minister Advocates Continuing Military Support for Ukraine in 2023
A negotiated solution to the Ukraine conflict will be possible only if there is parity in combat, therefore Kiev needs continuous foreign support, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said on Tuesday.
The Italian lower house is discussing on Tuesday if the country will continue to help Ukraine in 2023, including by sending weapons.
"It is worth continuing to support Ukraine, because an opportunity to open the table [of negotiations] can arise only if there is balance of power on the ground," Meloni said in an interview with Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.
Italy's right-wing leader believes that Russia "is not showing much desire to negotiate." Meloni has also discussed it with Chinese President Xi Jinping, who, she believes, can play a role in promoting political settlement in Ukraine.
"I spoke to Xi about the importance that China may have in maintaining an active diplomatic channel with Moscow. We also frankly told each other that Italy and China are two states very far from each other, but they have thousands of years of history behind them that can allow dialogue, even despite deep differences," Meloni said.
Italy's leading opposition forces have already submitted their resolutions on the 2023 Ukraine aid to the lower house ahead of the debate. The joint paper of the Greens and Left Alliance proposed halting any further aid to Ukraine. The populist Five Star Movement made a suggestion that each batch of aid must go through parliament approval first.
On Monday, the Brothers of Italy and Lega Nord parties submitted to the upper house a draft amendment to a bill unrelated to Ukraine, which envisages the continuation of arms supplies to Kiev next year.
Earlier in the month, Italian Defense Minister Guido Crosetto announced his readiness to submit to the national parliament a proposal to continue the supply of weapons to Ukraine throughout 2023.
10:44 GMT 29.11.2022
Air Raid Sirens Went Off Across Ukraine - Reports
10:25 GMT 29.11.2022
Watch Russian Sappers Demining Liberated Territories in DPR Amid Successful Offensive
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