The Politics of Healthcare, UK Journalist and Government Propaganda, Primaries and Asset Forfeiture

The Politics of Healthcare, UK Journalist and Government Propaganda, Primaries and Asset Forfeiture
Biden will press Сongress for a three month gas tax holiday.
Jeremy Kuzmarov, Managing Editor of CovertAction Magazine. He is the author of four books on US foreign policy, including Obama’s Unending Wars and The Russians Are Coming, Again, with John Marciano. Kuzmarov joins the show to break down the details of a complex story involving journalists in the UK supporting government propaganda.
Dr. Bill Honigman, retired Emergency Physician and CA State Coordinator and Healthcare Issue Team Coordinator for Progressive Democrats of America PDA joins the show to talk about a new study that reveals a mortality gap between counties that vote Democrat and Republican. The study linked death records from the CDC of the entire country with federal election data. The study fell short in explaining why people of color experience the highest mortality rates regardless of the state they reside.
Rae Valencia, Sputnik News analyst and producer for Political Misfits joins the conversation to break down the latest outcomes from Tuesday’s primaries. Then they talk about day four of the Jan6 hearings and the political fallout that may ensue for Trump endorsements by Election Day this November. The Trump endorsement is holding up well for several candidates except in Georgia.
Paul Wright, Managing editor Prison Legal News and executive director of the Human Rights Defense Center joins the show to talk about government seizure of private assets in criminal cases. Then they talk about the New York Times reporting yesterday that yet another prisoner, the 7th this year, has died in custody at Rikers Island.
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