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Progress in Peace Talks Between Russia and Ukraine

Progress in Peace Talks Between Russia and Ukraine
On today’s episode of The Backstory, host Scottie Nell Hughes discussed current events including Slovakia expelling dozens of Russian diplomats, and the US recognizing lynching as a hate crime.
Nebojsa Malic - Investigative Journalist, Blogger, and Author | New York Times Alleges Putin is Mislead by Advisors, FUD, and The Reality on the Ground in Ukraine
Bubba Horwitz - Host of the "Bubba Show" on Liberty Talk | Rubles, Fiat Currency Failing, and Precious Metals
Dominick Izzo- Former Police officer | Crime in America, Flash Mob Thefts, and Liberal District Attorneys
Faran Fronczak - Co-Host of Fault Lines | Tik Tok, Fentanyl, and Illegal Immigration
In the first hour, Scottie spoke with Nebojsa Malic on Western intelligence, false narratives about Russia's military operation, and Ukraine's military. Nebojas discussed the western standard for military operations and President Putin's precision strikes in Ukraine.
Scottie spoke with Bubba Horwitz about gas paid in rubles, sanctions, and the expected food shortage. Bubba talked about the state of the global economy and the middle class of America disappearing.
In the second hour, Scottie spoke with Dominick Izzo about spring break 2022, Panama City, Florida, and the media avoiding the rise in crime. Dominick spoke about the number of guns stolen in Panama City and the soft-on-crime policy of Democrat prosecutors.
Scottie talked with Faran Fronczak about the gang problem in Southern states, 2022 Spring break, and drug use among young people. Faran discussed Tik Tok news and how culture in America has changed post-pandemic.
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