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'Cannibal' Coronal Mass Ejection Hits Earth, Triggers Geomagnetic Storm & Auroras

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Solar flare - Sputnik International, 1920, 31.03.2022
Another coronal mass ejection reportedly occurred on 30 March, and may reach Earth early on 2 April.
Residents of the northern hemisphere of our planet were treated to quite a spectacle last night as the arrival of particles ejected from the sun during coronal mass ejections this week produced auroras that could be seen in several of the US states, including Dakota, Washington, Wyoming and Montana.
According to Live Science, the two coronal mass ejections (CME) that occurred on 28 March merged into a "cannibal coronal mass ejection" and sped towards Earth at a speed of more than 3 million kilometres per hour.
The collision of this “cannibal” CME with our planet’s magnetic field has already produced a G1-class geomagnetic storm, according to spaceweather.com, adding that there is “a chance of stronger storms later today as Earth passes through the CME's magnetised wake.”
The media outlet also noted that the sunspot from which the aforementioned CMEs originated, AR2975, erupted again on 30 March, and that a new CME which emerged from that site may reach Earth during the early hours of 2 April.
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