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Biden Calls to Overthrow Putin in Whirlwind European Tour

Biden Calls to Overthrow Putin in Whirlwind European Tour
On this episode of Fault Lines, host Faran Fronczak talks about Biden finally admitting his administration's intentions to oust Putin, Venezuela eyeing a military alliance with Russia, NYC’s Eric Adams leadership failure during a crime wave, and Zelensky moving on with his WW3 tour despite getting snubbed by NATO.
Scott Ritter - Military Analyst | Biden Finally Admits US Regime Change Policy
Camila Escalante - Journalist | West Flinches as Venezuela Eyes Military Alliance With Russia
Ted Rall - Political Cartoonist | NYC's Eric Adams Leadership Woefully Inadequate During Crime Crisis
Elijah Magnier - Veteran War Correspondent | Zelensky Continues WW3 Tour Despite Getting Snubbed by NATO
In the first hour, Scott Ritter joined the show to talk about Biden finally admitting his advisor’s intentions to topple Putin’s leadership in Russia, Azerbaijan taking advantage of the Russia-Ukraine conflict to gain back territory, and the U.S. losing their status as king of the global economy.
In the second hour, Fault Lines was joined by Camila Escalante for a discussion on Venezuela eyeing a military alliance with Russia, Trump’s regime change policy falling out during Biden’s term, and if there’s new hope for refugees displaced by US foreign policy.
In the third hour, Ted Rall joined the conversation to talk about Eric Adams’ failing to fulfill his promise to squash crime in New York City and latest enforcement policies. We were also joined by Elijah Magnier to talk about Biden’s timid White House staff walking back his calls to oust Putin, Germany being forced to increase their military budget after ignoring earlier warnings from Trump, and Zelensky continuing his tour for military support even as it’s clear NATO’s perceived support for Ukraine was fraudulent.
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