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Don't Feel Like Exercising? Music Can Improve Your Mental Health Just as Well as Sports, Study Says

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Exercising is undoubtedly good for you: not only does it improve your physique, but it can also help maintain your mental health. However, it is not the only way to support one's mental well-being.
Spinning some records might be as good for your mental health as having a good work-out at the gym, according to a new study based on a meta-analysis covering previous research into the issue.
The new study involved data received from 779 individuals, and it found that "music interventions were associated with statistically and clinically significant changes in mental HRQOL, both preintervention to postintervention as well as when music interventions were added to treatment as usual vs treatment as usual control groups."
Simply put, music does help you with your mental health to an extent that is "within the range, albeit on the low end" of the boost provided by physical exercise, according to the analysis.
Mental health treatment may also be more effective when music is combined with typical treatments. However, this does not necessarily work for everyone, with the research indicating that the impact of music varies from person to person, although the overall tendency is positive.
"Future research is needed to clarify optimal music interventions and doses for use in specific clinical and public health scenarios," the researchers wrote.
Even though listening to music or playing it might feel a lot more enjoyable than having to stick to a certain diet or regular exercise, one needs to remember that mental health issues are not something that can be resolved by merely spinning your favorite records.
So if you're struggling with an issue pertaining your mental well-being or suspect that you might be, the first step should be to contact a medical professional, not dropping a beat.
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