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Does a “New World Order” Mean Regime Change in Russia?

Does A “New World Order” Mean Regime Change In Russia?
Selective energy sanctions, Covid surge anticipated in the US, Russian & Ukraine refugees in Tijuana and GOP Latinos.
At the top of the show, Tony Alexiou, principal at The Minotaur Group, a Washington, DC consulting firm that specializes in geopolitical risk and homeland security consultancy joins the show to talk about the latest developments in Eastern Europe.
We heard an announcement from the White House yesterday warning Americans that the Russians were preparing cyber attacks against US companies, government entities, and perhaps infrastructure. Then the Misfits talk about whether the rhetoric in the mainstream media about a “New World Order” is a call for regime change in Russia.
Next, Garett Reppenhagen, Director of Veterans for Peace joins the show to talk about the volunteers and for hire mercenaries fighting against Russians in Ukraine. There is a stream of reports about volunteers in the region that coordination is pretty chaotic. The Misfits talk about the formal military contractors such as Blackwater’s Erik Prince which for nearly a year now plans to build a private army in Ukraine. And, the BBC earlier this month reported on ads for military contractors to help extract families from Ukraine.
Later on the show, Juan Jose Gutierrez, immigration lawyer, executive director of the Full Rights for Immigrants Coalition joins the conversation to talk about GOP Latinos. Republicans and Democrats both need the Hispanic vote to win in competitive elections. And, the Misfits discuss strategies that both parties will probably employ to court the Latino vote for the 2022 midterms.
For the last segment, Dan Lazare, writer and journalist, calls into the program to talk about Stormy Daniels ordered to pay Trump’s legal fees after her defamation case was overturned. Then the Misfits talk about trade relations with Iran and the nuclear agreement. Sanctions are abuse, not so effective and provide an incentive for Iran to form alliances with other countries that will not include the US according to Lazare.
The Misfits sign-off till tomorrow.
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