US Adapts First S Korean Webtoon Into Reality Show

© AFP 2023 / KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEVThis picture taken in Moscow on October 12, 2021 shows the logo of Youtube social media on a smartphone screen.
This picture taken in Moscow on October 12, 2021 shows the logo of Youtube social media on a smartphone screen.  - Sputnik International, 1920, 18.03.2022
The YouTube channel Jubilee will present to the public the show "Money Game" based on a webtoon series from South Korea.
The popularity of South Korean entertainment content is gaining more and more attention worldwide, and now it has gone even further, as the thriller webtoon “Money Game” has received a local adaptation in the US.
This is the first time in the history of South Korea’s comic industry that the whole process of adaptation is made by a foreign team, cast, and producers.
Kim Bum-hyu, director of the global IP business at Naver Webtoon, said in a statement following the news: "Since this Korean web reality show has garnered a huge amount of popularity, we have decided to make our webcomic's intellectual property (IP) into reality-based content in the U.S., which is the home of reality shows. We intend to continue presenting Naver Webtoon's high-quality IP in various content formats to create synergy".
“Money Game” creator Bae Jin-soo also expressed his excitement: “I had never imagined that my work would be adapted into an entertainment show overseas, I can feel that the status of Korean webtoon IP has risen, not only in Korea but also abroad”.
During the five-part survival show, eight participants of different ethnicities, occupations, and religious backgrounds will live in separate cells in a facility for 10 days. The participants will get a pool of money worth $300,000 to spend during their stay and the rest is theirs to keep. Every participant can be eliminated through voting, so they must play mind games to survive.
Originally written in 2018, the webtoon tells the story of a bankrupt man who participates in a survival game to win money. Eight competitors spend 100 days together in an isolated place and have to share a total of 44.8 billion won ($37 million), where consumer prices are 1,000 times more expensive than in the real world.
The popular webtoon received a live adaptation last year by the South Korean YouTube channel Jin Yong-jin.
The first episode of “Money Game” is already available on Jubilee's YouTube channel.
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