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With NATO Hopes Tarnished, Zelensky Petitions Congress for No-Fly Zone

With NATO Hopes Tarnished, Zelensky Petitions Congress for No-Fly Zone
On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Faran Fronczak talk about West’s blunders that lead to the conflict in Ukraine, flagrant human rights abuses in the CIA’s torture program, and Julian Assange’s bid for freedom getting rejected by the Supreme Court.
John Kiriakou - Former CIA Officer | War Crimes Under CIA’s Torture Program
Laith Marouf - Journalist | Context Behind Iran’s Attack on Israeli Base in Iraq
Chris Hedges - Journalist | Julian Assange’s Bid for Freedom Rejected by Highest Court
In the first hour, Jamarl and Faran talked about the West’s blunders in Ukraine, mainstream media’s culpability for raising tensions in Europe, and the dastardly precedent set by censoring anti-war journalists.
In the second hour, Fault Lines was joined by John Kiriakou for a discussion on the horrific details of the CIA’s torture program, including flagrant human rights abuses and war crimes. We were also joined by Laith Marouf to talk about Iran’s missile attack on an alleged Israeli military base in Iraq and if escalations are in order.
In the third hour, Chris Hedges joined the conversation to talk about Julian Assange’s bid to avoid extradition to the US getting rejected by the Supreme Court, mainstream media getting co-opted by the military industrial complex, and if Russia is still justified in its military operation in Ukraine after Zelensky petitioned the US congress for a no-fly zone.
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