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Biden Pins Blame on Putin for Domestic Woes, Will It Work?

Biden Pins Blame on Putin for Domestic Woes, Will it Work?
On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Faran Fronczak talk about Ukraine’s strategy of putting civilians between itself and Russian troops, if the West can successfully wean itself off Russian oil, and why the media has ignored the crisis in Yemen but put the spotlight on Ukraine.
Russell “Texas” Bentley - DPR Soldier | Ukraine’s New Policy: Use Civilians As Human Shields
David Tawil - Hedge Fund Manager | Why Cryptocurrency is the Future in Face of Economic Collapse
Elijah Magnier - War Correspondent | Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen Ignored in Favor of Ukraine
In the first hour Russell “Texas” Bentley joined the show to talk about Ukraine using human shield tactics, what called him to fight Nazis in Ukraine, and if he’ll ever return to the United States.
In the second hour Fault Lines was joined by David Tawil for a discussion on if the US and Europe can wean itself off Russian oil and gas, Russia defaulting on debts as a result of harsh sanctions, and why cryptocurrency is the future.
In the third hour Elijah Magnier joined the conversation to talk about why the media whipped the world into a frenzy over Ukraine while ignoring the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, the threat of NATO expansion that forced Russia to respond, and the failure in US foreign policy that lead to risking nuclear war over making a small concession to Russia.
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