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No, Russia Did Not Invade Ukraine

No, Russia Did Not Invade Ukraine
On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Austin Pelli talk about Russia being the most useful villain for the US and its allies, billions in Covid funds getting handed to fraudsters, and if there’s any court willing to convict Hunter Biden for his shady business dealings.
Jareth Copus - Author, ‘Ukraine, Forever a Pawn’ | Putin is the West’s Best Villain
Mark Frost - Economist | Biden Admits Economic Consequences of Russia Sanctions
Miranda Devine - Author & Columnist | Who’s Willing to Convict Hunter Biden on Shady Business Dealings?
In the first hour, Jareth Copus joined the show to talk about how the U.S. worked with Nazi groups after World War 2 which led to fascists in Ukraine demonizing Russia to this day. We also talked about why Putin waited until now to send peacekeeping troops to two volatile regions in Ukraine.
In the second hour, Fault Lines was joined by Mark Frost for a discussion on how trillions in Covid relief packages didn’t help the average American like it was pitched and how hospitals are diagnosing benign issues as Covid for increased funding. We also talked about the global economic consequences of sanctioning Russia - something which will likely hurt the US more than Russia.
In the third hour, Miranda Devine joined the conversation to talk about Hunter Biden’s ex-girlfriend and baby momma testifying against him in investigations into his shady business dealings and the likelihood of the president’s son getting convicted on tax evasion and fraud.
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