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How Will Sanctions Imposed by the US and Allies Impact Russia?

How Will Sanctions Imposed by the U.S. and Allies Impact Russia?
The Misfits talk about sanctions against Russia, the Freedom Convoy is rolling into DC and the crisis at Rikers Island continues.
At the top of the show, George Szamuely calls in to break down reaction to the sanctions the US announced on Tuesday. They also talk about opposition within the Republican Party as Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) is calling for Russia’s economy to be destroyed, while Donald Trump praises Putin for being a canny operator.
Next, Ford Fischer, a primary source documentarian whose works include Oscar, Emmy and Golden Globe-winning films and editor-in-chief of News2Share (@N2Sreports), calls in to talk with the Misfits about the truckers Freedom Convoy that is leaving from different parts of the US and rolling into DC. Protesters say they plan to jam the beltway outside of DC today, and converge at the U.S. Capitol by March 1, 2022.
Then, Kevin Gosztola, journalist, writer for Shadowproof.com and co-host of the podcast Unauthorized Disclosure, joins the show. They talk about the recent announcement that Kyle Rittenhouse is launching a “Media Accountability Project." Rittenhouse has also filed lawsuits against reporters, saying he was defamed and wants to help others in his situation. Rittenhouse is the man who shot and killed two people during racial justice protests in Wisconsin in 2020, but who was found not guilty by virtue of having acted in self-defense, the jury concluded.
John and Michelle also discuss with Kevin Gosztola the litigation resulting from the opioid crisis. The Wall Street Journal reports that Purdue’s Sackler family has increased their opioid settlement offer to as much as $6 billion. The new settlement offer comes after the company’s prior Chapter 11 bankruptcy plan was overturned.
For the last segment, Paul Wright, executive director of the Human Rights Defense Center and the editor of Prison Legal News and Criminal Legal News magazines, joins the show to talk about the crisis at New York's Rikers Island jail that houses thousands of people awaiting trial in New York City. Last month, news broke that over 2,800 guards were conspiring to skip work for so-called “sick leave” at any given time. On some days, as many as 35 percent of guards called in sick, claiming diarrhea or just not bothering to call in at all. This is a crime called time and attendance fraud, and it resulted in the city paying out millions of dollars in overtime for other guards to cover the missed shifts. In the meantime, prisoners missed more than 7,000 medical appointments because there was nobody to escort them.
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