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Ukraine Survives Another Day, Contrary to US Intelligence

Ukraine Survives Another Day, Contrary To U.S. Intelligence
On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Austin Pelli talk about the ex-president of Honduras getting arrested on drug charges, Democrats playing defense on culture war issues ahead of midterms, and the US embarrassing itself as Russia still hasn't attacked despite intel.
Camila Escalante - Journalist | Ex-President of Honduras Perp Walked on Drug Charges
Ted Rall - Political Cartoonist | Democrats Losing Culture War with Republicans
Mark Sleboda - International Security Analyst | Ukraine Survives Another Day, Contrary To U.S. Intelligence
In the first hour Camila Escalante joined the show to talk about the ex-president of Honduras and former US ally getting arrested and what took so long given his connection to drug traffickers had been known for years.
In the second hour Fault Lines was joined by Ted Rall for a discussion on Democrats getting slammed on culture issues like critical race theory by Republicans, what John Durham's latest revelations about spying on Trump means for Democrats, and the judge in Sarah Palin's defamation case saying he'll throw it out no matter what the jury decides.
In the third hour Mark Sleboda joined the conversation to talk about the US repeatedly proclaiming an imminent Russian attack, even including a specific date that has since passed. We also talked about Russia's military exercises as a form of hardball negotiation tactics as the US and NATO continue to dismiss security concerns.
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