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Harrowing Footage Shows Skydiver Surviving Double Parachute Malfunction in Air

© Photo : TikTok / boodacious1Skydiver survives parachute double malfunction. Screenshot from the video taken on November 22, 2021.
Skydiver survives parachute double malfunction. Screenshot from the video taken on November 22, 2021. - Sputnik International, 1920, 19.02.2022
The horrific episode was filmed by the skydiver's helmet-mounted 360-degree camera as he struggled with his gear, getting increasingly desperate as he fought against gravity.
American skydiving enthusiast Boo Dacious miraculously survived a rare and typically fatal problem when jumping with a parachute, as both of them failed and got entangled.
In the video shared on his social media pages, the 15-year skydiver can be seen struggling to battle G-forces while unraveling and cutting away the parachute.
In the captions, he explained that parts of the primary chute had become tangled, so he decided in a split second to cut away what was trailing behind him before deploying the reserve chute. The primary chute, which he had just partially cut away, then interfered with the reserve chute.
The horrifying parachute double-fail occurred in DeLand, Florida, and Dacious told his followers that he had conducted 1,100 skydives without a similar incident until the double parachute breakdown on November 22 of last year.
"'Malfunctions are common in skydiving; however, the double parachute malfunction is feared, and to experience one and survive is few and far between," Dacious said on Instagram. "To survive unscathed without a scratch is unheard of, and that’s what happened here to me."
When the incident occurred, the skydiver was participating in a skills camp organized by a professional skydiving group.
"I am humbled and grateful to everyone that had to witness what many felt was a completely dire situation for anyone to get out of… I am walking proof to never give up!" he added about his near-death experience.
According to the Daily Mail, during his fall to the ground, Dacious claimed that his mortality had not occurred to him. He went on to say that "death never crossed my mind. Processing each moment to the next took every bit of concentration. Couldn't even think of loved ones."
In the video, he can be heard screaming helplessly as he comes closer and closer to the earth, his bewilderment heightened by the way he starts oscillating faster and faster.

"As for the yelling, the G-forces were so strong and kept getting stronger and it was taking every ounce of energy to deal with'," the skydiver explained to a follower on TikTok.

He went on to relate how he wound up in a "tiny clearing beneath a pine tree, behind huge six-foot tall swaths of briar patches" as a result of the failing gear.
"I was in such a state of shock that I had spiralled/oscillated down and landed on my own two feet. I begin to hear the rescuers coming from all angles.," Dacious noted, adding that the rescue squad suffered more damage trying to get him through the thorny briar than he did during the harrowing fall to the ground.
"It’s crazy to walk away unscathed," he wrote on Facebook after the incident.
The footage ended with him landing and remaining motionless, his breathing heavy.
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