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Embarrassing Emergency: 37-Year-Old Virgin in Indonesia Stuffs Nylon String Into His Penis

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Clean  sheet - Sputnik International, 1920, 13.02.2022
The doctors used grasping forceps to extract the foreign body from the man's urinary system.
A 37-year-old single man in Indonesia ended up in a rather unpleasant situation after stuffing a two-metre-long string into his bladder through his penis.
According to a report published in Radiology Case Reports, the man was admitted to the emergency room of Dr. Soetomo General-Academic Hospital, "with a chief complaint of lower abdominal pain."
As it turned out, the patient, who has "no history of sexual intercourse," inserted a nylon string used for beads into his urethra while fully erect and watching porn. He explained that, while it was the first time he did this, he "masturbated and consumed pornographic content daily."
The doctors managed to extract the string with grasping forceps after locating the foreign body via cystoscopy with local anaesthesia.
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Two days after the operation, the man was discharged and "came to the outpatient with no further complaints." He was also "referred to the psychiatric department's outpatient unit for further evaluation regarding his sexual behaviour."
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