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'There is No Denying Their Existence': UFO Gets Filmed in HD Over Pakistan, Blogger Announces

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UFO - Sputnik International, 1920, 10.02.2022
The object in question was apparently caught on camera last month in the vicinity of Islamabad.
A new UFO sighting that was filmed in relatively high quality has been reported online by Scott C. Waring, a blogger with a penchant for making outlandish claims about all things extraterrestrial.
Detailing the find in his blog, Waring praised the quality of the footage, noting how the object in the video was filmed for “thirteen full minutes in HD” and praising the “steady hand” of the person who recorded the footage.
“I have seen similar UFO photos of such craft in old reports going back decades ago, so I know this craft is 100 percent the real deal,” the blogger declared. “There is no denying the existence of UFOs now!”
The sighting took place on 25 January in the vicinity of the Pakistani capital of Islamabad.
Arslan Warraich, the person who recorded the video and whose account was included in Waring’s blog post, said that he encountered the UFO when he was landing his drone and that the strange object “hovered for over two hours at this spot when eventually it got dark” and he could no longer see it.
One social media users who commented on the video argued, however, that the resolution of the recording device “is not good enough to give more detail."
“At some points in the video the object seems to have a triangular shape but hard to tell exactly. Yes, it could be a drone. There just isn't enough detail to know,” they remarked, adding that “there are so many of these types of videos out there now it is becoming commonplace.”
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