YouTuber Claims to Have Discovered Crash Site of Mysterious Triangle Aircraft in Antarctica

CC0 / / The crack in Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier
The crack in Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier  - Sputnik International, 1920, 08.02.2022
The image of the crash site was discovered via Google Maps, a platform that offers satellite imagery and aerial photography of different locations around the world. The programme is often used by UFO enthusiasts who tirelessly scan the skies for signs of extraterrestrial life.
The host of the MrMBB333 YouTube channel, which dedicated to enigmatic sightings, has released an image of what he describes as the crash site of an alleged alien aircraft in the middle of Antarctica. He says the picture was sent to him by an individual with the nickname High Priority, who stumbled on the weird dent in the snow.

After examining the image, MrMBB333 came to the conclusion that it shows the landing site of what was once a "flying machine", which, he claims, travelled at high speed and left a gouge in the snow after crashing into it.
© PhotoYouTube screenshot
YouTube screenshot - Sputnik International, 1920, 08.02.2022
YouTube screenshot
As well as the mysterious triangle aircraft, the host of the channel also discovered an object, which he claims looked “like the shadow of a pyramid”.
© PhotoYouTube screenshot
YouTube screenshot - Sputnik International, 1920, 08.02.2022
YouTube screenshot

The revelations sparked intense debate online with users offering their own explanations.

"To me it looks like the front of a sea ship, maybe it was once water rather than ice and for whatever reason it got stuck or sank," wrote one individual.

"The black triangle looks like the shadow of a pyramid. The triangular indentation at the bottom of the shadow is the southern face, lit up by the sun. There appears to be an encampment off the bottom corner of the right ‘wing’. It looks like a long building and some tents, to me at least," wrote the other.

One user maintained that the finding proves the impending apocalypse, and another claimed it was the monster from John Carpenter’s famous horror film of 1982, 'The Thing'.

"Wow, this is crazy weird ... End times are here way already. Get ready for more weird stuff…"

"It's The Thing."

However, some users deemed that there was nothing mysterious about the image.

"I don't think anything has crashed in the Antarctic, the snow looks like a natural drift. 'Raised' smooth drifts resemble a crash site with depressions in the snow and rough edges," wrote one netizen.

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