The Ugly Truth: Reason Why People Look Bad in the Morning Disclosed

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face - Sputnik International, 1920, 07.02.2022
Among a long list of factors were obvious reasons such as not having enough sleep, drinking the night before (who would’ve thought that alcohol is bad for health, eh?), and eating salty food, which retains water in the body and thus makes your face look puffy. But there was one reason that stood apart.
Have you ever stood in front of a mirror in the morning wondering: "what the hell happened to my face?" Those wrinkles were not there yesterday, and those eyes look so puffy. People can’t age 10 years in one night, right? Or maybe the curses sent to you by the man you accidentally bumped into in the subway took effect?
According to Medical News Today, the reason is quite banal – when we sleep, more fluid accumulates in and around the head than while we are awake. Another common cause of morning "beauty" is the position one sleeps in. According to Dr Purvisha Patel, sleeping face down has a negative effect on the skin.
Lymphatic fluid flows downward and pools when individuals sleep in this position. "Gravity wins when we sleep on our faces", says Dr Patel. To prevent this, one should sleep on one's back or try to elevate your head with a pillow.

Other factors that can get you a role in a remake of Frankenstein (not the doctor) are contact dermatitis, allergies, as well as sinus and tooth infections.
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