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Censorship is in Demand

Censorship is in Demand
On today’s episode of The Backstory, host Lee Stranahan discussed current events including Spotify adding an 'advisory' notice on COVID-19 podcasts, and the African Union suspending Burkina Faso after a military coup.
Jamarl Thomas - Host of Fault Lines | Truckers Protest, Joe Rogan, and Traveling to Germany
Michelle Esquenazi – Bail Bondswoman and Senior VP of NY State Bail Bondsman Association
Tracy Gonzalez - Senior VP National Association of Bail Agents | Bail Reform, Victim Rights, and The 8th Amendment
In the first hour, Lee and Carmine Sabia spoke with Jamarl Thomas about travels to Europe, Canada's freedom rally, and COVID-19 restrictions. Jamarl spoke about the cowardness of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and truckers disrespected by corporate media. Jamarl discussed the disinformation on Ukraine and how propaganda has bled into Americans' lives.
In the second hour, Lee and Carmine Sabia spoke with Michelle Esquenazi and Tracy Gonzalez about the misunderstandings of bail bonds, Mayor Eric Adams, and victim rights. Michelle & Tracy discussed the bail reform movement and New Jersey abolishing bail in the state. Michelle & Tracy talked about the ways to reach the attention of politicians and the laws to help victims.
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