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Weekly Wrap Up: US Shrugs Off Russia's Security Demands; Julian Assange Granted Reprieve

Weekly Wrap Up: US Shrugs off Russia's Security Demands; Julian Assange Granted Reprieve
As expected by many observers, the US empire shrugged off Russia's list of security demands, making many of its EU allies uncomfortable.
Caleb Maupin, journalist and political analyst, joins us to discuss this week's important news stories. Russia worked with other nations to convince Ukraine to uphold the Donbass ceasefire. Also, the Pentagon claims that it will work to reduce civilian casualties, and the crash of an F35C in the South China Sea is a further indication of an extremely flawed aircraft.
Dr. Jack Rasmus, professor in economics and politics at St. Mary's College in California, joins us to discuss the economy. A bridge in Pittsburgh has collapsed on the same day President Biden is scheduled to give an infrastructure speech. Also, the Federal Reserve is hinting at a possible increase in interest rates.
Professor Nicolai Petro, professor of political science at the University of Rhode Island specializing in Ukraine and Russia, joins us to discuss the NATO crisis. Russia is contemplating its reaction as the US and NATO have ignored its security demands. Also, the US empire is caught in an economic, military, and ethnic quagmire in Ukraine.
Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst and co-founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, and Dan Lazare, investigative journalist and author of "America's Undeclared War," join us to discuss international security concerns. The Kremlin has stated that the US empire shrugged off their security demands. Also, Congressional Democrats are pushing a new sanctions bill that could cause major diplomatic problems in both the EU and Europe, Russia has met with Ukraine and several European powers to enforce the Donbass ceasefire of 2014, and Julian Assange has been allowed to challenge his extradition.
Margaret Flowers, pediatrician and health reform activist, and Dr. Emmit Riley, political scientist and assistant professor of Africana Studies at DePauw University, join us to discuss this week's important stories. Democrats and Republicans prepare for war in the Senate as Biden prepares to announce his SCOTUS nominee. Also, a judge has blocked President Biden's oil lease plan for the Gulf of Mexico, and Mississippi fights over critical race theory.
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