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Sirhan Sirhan; the GOP Prepares for Midterms and More

SirhanSirhan, the GOP prepares for midterms and POTUS 2024 Why is inflation spiking? CIA Trains Ukraine paramilitary
Michelle Witte opens with the Supreme Court yesterday blocked the Biden administration’s vaccine or testing mandate for large employers.
Michelle Witte mentions NPR’s interview with a business owner who was relieved that the mandate was struck down, not because he didn’t believe in vaccines, but because so many businesses are still in chaos over all the other pandemic fallout. John Kiriakou shares with listeners an article from Yahoo News about the CIA training Ukrainian paramilitary.
Then, Aaron Good, political scientist and host of the American Exception podcast on Patreon. His doctoral dissertation is going to be published by Skyhorse in April under the title 'American Exception: Empire and the Deep State' joins the Misfits. Aaron explains Newsom’s decision not to release Sirhan Sirhan, alleged assassin of Robert Kennedy Jr.
Good points out that the autopsy, witness accounts, and a second shooter clears Sirhan yet Establishment Democrats have long been opposed to Sirhan’s release.
Next, John and Michelle are joined by Eugene Craig, Republican strategist and former vice-chair of the Maryland Republican Party they delve into likely contenders for the 2022 midterms and 2024 run for president. No Trump 2.0 in 2024 Trump would prefer a role such as Speaker of the House instead. No long campaign because you do not need to be a member of congress to be Speaker. Not likely because some Republicans will be opposed and certainly all Democrats.
Mitch McConnell remains important to Republicans as an effective leader while Kevin McCarthy is a shell of leadership abilities. Former governor of Maryland Larry Hogan, a moderate Republican, is not likely to run for president. Hogan does not want to risk a losing campaign running for POTUS yet he’s likely to run for Senate.
Steve Grumbine, Founder and CEO of the nonprofits Real Progressives and Real Progress in Action. He’s the host of the podcast Macro n Cheese. He's also a leading activist and evangelist for Modern Monetary Theory. Talks with the Misfits about what’s behind the story of spiking inflection. The severity of the surge will wane once supply chains catch up. Opportunistic monopolies are exploiting the pandemic and raising prices.
Last, the Misfits look ahead to all that Prince Andrew, formally known as the Duke of York, has to look forward to.
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