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Nobody Wins in a World War 3 Scenario

Nobody Wins in a World War 3 Scenario
On today’s episode of The Backstory, host Lee Stranahan discussed current events including the UN demanding investigations into the deaths of protesters in Kazakhstan, and Tulsi Gabbard criticizing Joe Biden for his voting rights speech.
Peter Oliver - RT European Correspondent and Sputnik European Correspondent | OSCE, German Energy Issues, and Human Rights
Daniel Lazare - Independent Journalist, Author, and Writer | Joe Biden's Divisive Nature, Filibuster, and Democrats Having a Weak Roster for 2024 Elections
In the first hour, Lee spoke with Peter Oliver about Victoria Nuland, Eastern Europe, and the lack of progress in diplomacy. Peter discussed the statements from the OSCE and their warning of potential war. Peter spoke on the concerns of Russia and the Ukrainian military training to fight Russian troops.
In the second hour, Lee spoke with Daniel Lazare about the Democrat's attempts to kill the filibuster, Kyrsten Sinema, and Congress unable to function. Daniel spoke on Krysten Sinema and her stance on the filibuster. Daniel talked about the possibilities of civil war and how democracy should work in America.
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