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Biden Administration 'Gaslighting' Americans on Inflation

Biden Administration ‘Gaslighting’ Americans On Inflation
On this episode of "Fault Lines", hosts Jamarl Thomas and Austin Pelli talk about Russia hitting a dead-end in NATO talks, Biden's newfound energy for filibuster reform, the White House "gaslighting" Americans on inflation, and the only person who seems immune from the scrutiny of the Jan. 6th committee.
William Dunkerley - Author, International Analyst | Russia Hits Dead End in US and NATO Talks
Jim Kavanagh - Socialist Columnist | Biden Jacked Up for Politically Counterproductive Filibuster Reform
Mark Frost - Economist | Biden Administration 'Gaslighting' Americans on Inflation
Miranda Devine - Author of "Laptop From Hell" | Ray Epps: The Only Person the Jan. 6th Committee Doesn't Care About
In the first hour, William Dunkerley joined the show to talk about Russia's expectations from talks with the US and NATO and what the consequences would be if the talks break down, and what it would look like if Russia is put in a position of having to defend itself.
In the second hour, Fault Lines was joined by Jim Kavanagh for a discussion on Biden's contrived energy campaigning for filibuster reform as his administration lacks a better bill to pass before the midterm elections. We were also joined by Mark Frost to talk about inflation reaching a 40-year high and what Frost calls the "gaslighting" of the American public by the White House with "false and misleading" information about inflation.
In the third hour, Miranda Devine joined the conversation to talk about why Ray Epps has been seemingly immune from the scrutiny of the Jan. 6th committee and the FBI, and Anthony Fauci eating crow after it was revealed the NIH worked with a non-profit to sidestep gain-of-function restrictions.
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