Size Matters: Peruvian Fertility Symbol Has Its Phallus Vandalised

© Photo : Facebook / Municipalidad Distrital de Moche - MDMA Moche statue symbolising fertility in Peru
A Moche statue symbolising fertility in Peru - Sputnik International, 1920, 07.01.2022
The culture of the pre-Columbian Moche civilisation is rich in sexual themes, with at least 500 Moche ceramics known to be representing explicit scenes.
A new statue celebrating fertility erected in Peru appears to have prompted diverse reactions from people - mainly due to its enormous penis, The Guardian has reported, revealing that this part of the statue has already suffered at the hands of vandals.
The statue, located not far from the regional capital of Trujillo, is made of bright red fibreglass, and perhaps the first thing that catches one's attention is its penis that looks even longer than symbol's hands.
According to The Guardian, the statue has already attracted crowds of tourists who enjoy taking selfies with the Mochica fertility symbol.
The symbol itself, however, was smashed by vandals, who attacked the statue at night and reportedly fired shots into the air when they fled the scene.

"At two in the morning three hooded criminals held a knife to the security guard's neck to keep him from reacting or calling his colleagues on the radio, and two of them damaged the phallus", Moche District Mayor Arturo Fernández Bazán told local media outlets.

Still, the controversy surrounding the statue does not seem to have stopped local authorities from planning to erect up to 30 more statues representing the ancient Moche culture, many of which will depict sexual acts or childbirth. This fact appears to have already prompted objections from people who believe such sculptures are obscene and should not be viewed by children.
Not according to the Peruvian culture minister, however.
"The idea that children shouldn't see it or it's too offensive belongs to the time of obscurantism", she told The Guardian. "As Peruvians, we should all feel proud of our diverse heritage, including the sexual or erotic part, which is inherent to the human being".
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