- Sputnik International, 1920
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The Only Way to Stop COVID Pandemic? Russian Priest Urges People to Repent

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Christian cross - Sputnik International, 1920, 04.01.2022
Previously, the cleric also said that a true Christian should get vaccinated against COVID-19 "for the sake of their beloved".
The coronavirus pandemic will end as soon as people repent for having left God, Russian priest Vladimir Dukhovich said.
Dukhovich, who has a PhD in biology and also heads a group for vaccination at the Russian Orthodox Church's Synod commission for bioethics, thinks that the COVID-19 pandemic is punishment to "God's chosen nation" for turning their back on "Almighty God".

"People have forgotten God by focusing on themselves and their passions. One should understand that God punishes in order to teach! So when people ... repent for turning their back on God, the pandemic will end," the priest said.

He noted that such kind of punishment has existed throughout most of Christian history.
Earlier, Dukhovich said that a true Christian should not refuse a COVID-19 vaccine because those who really believe in God will get vaccinated for the sake of the people they love.
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