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New Year, Same Challenges for Anti-Imperialist Movements

New Year, Same Challenges For Anti-Imperialist Movements
DoD Fails Another Audit, China Demonstrates A Real COVID Response, BAMN Reviews Spider-Man: No Way Home
In this episode of By Any Means Necessary, hosts Sean Blackmon and Jacquie Luqman are joined by Dave Lindorff, investigative journalist, Editor of the online publication and 2019 winner of an “Izzy” Award for Outstanding Independent Media to discuss the Department of Defense’s failure of another audit, the exorbitant amounts of money lost by the DoD and the amount of money going into the department during a time of so-called peace, and the continuous use of the Pentagon budget for weapons that have the potential to annihilate the world.
In the second segment, Sean and Jacquie are joined by K.J. Noh, a scholar, educator and journalist focusing on the political economy and geopolitics of the Asia-Pacific. He’s also a member of Veterans for Peace, and senior correspondent with Flashpoints on KPFA to discuss the stark differences between US and Chinese responses to COVID-19 as evidenced by the lockdown in Xi’an, the United States’ demonization of China for mounting a public-health-minded response to outbreaks as cases in the US mount, and the racist prosecution of ethnic Chinese scientists and academics under the China Initiative.
In the third segment, Sean and Jacquie are joined by Josh Gomez, producer for By Any Means Necessary to discuss the recently released film Spider-Man: No Way Home, its themes of redemption and maturity, and how Marvel’s Spider-Man compares to past iterations of the character.
Later in the show, Sean and Jacquie are joined by Eugene Puryear, host of the Punch Out podcast on Breakthrough News and author of the book Shackled and Chained: Mass Incarceration in Capitalist America to discuss the resignation of Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok and what it means for the future of Sudan as the Sudanese people fight for civilian control, the removal of Ethiopia from the AGOA free trade program and the impact that will have on Ethiopians, the political situation in Somalia and the instability caused by US imperialism in the horn of Africa and around the world, how the anti-imperialist movement should orient itself in the current conditions of imperialism, and the disgusting accumulation of wealth by the ten richest billionaires as millions suffer under the capitalist system.
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