Curiosity Lit the Match: Cats Caused Over 100 House Fires in South Korea, Officials Say

Pet-triggered house fires are not exclusive to South Korea, as the American Humane Association estimates that pets in the US are responsible for approximately 1,000 house fires per year. According to the group, a substantial number of blazes have been attributed to a four-legged friend's fascination with stoves.
As if a global pandemic is not enough, cat owners in South Korea are now being warned to keep an eye on their feline friends—particularly around open flame.
A Thursday statement from the Seoul Metropolitan Fire and Disaster Department detailed that domesticated cats have been acting out over the past three years, resulting in at least 107 feline-lit house fires.
"Cat-related fires are continuing to occur recently," Chung Gyo-chul, an official from the department, said in a quoted statement.
Despite dozens of documented blazes, only four instances resulted in injury, as over half of the fires were caused while the cat's owner was out of the house.
"We advise households with pets to pay extra attention as fire could spread widely when no one is at home," Chung added.
The department recommended removing flammable objects from the vicinity of the stove. An electric stove with a lock function was also proposed as a preventative measure.
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