Hindu Army Warns US Food Chain KFC Against Serving Only Halal Food in India - Video

© Sputnik / KFC Kashmir
 KFC Kashmir  - Sputnik International, 1920, 29.12.2021
In recent months, social media has been abuzz with a campaign against halal food, as people accuse restaurants and food chains of taking a biased approach towards Hindus. Authorities in Punjab and Delhi have asked hotels to mention if meat is “halal” or “jhatka”.
Hindu Sena or Hindu Army, a right-wing group, has threatened the fast food chain KFC across Delhi with severe consequences if they omit "jhatka" (a practice of killing an animal with a single strike) cut meat from their menu from 1 January 2022.
On Wednesday, the group put up posters with a list of demands on the gates of restaurants in Delhi.
© Photo : Hindu SenaHindu Sena Members Protesting in front of KFC, Delhi
Hindu Sena Members Protesting in front of KFC, Delhi - Sputnik International, 1920, 29.12.2021
Hindu Sena Members Protesting in front of KFC, Delhi
"Hundreds of Hindu meat sellers have to shut their businesses as these food outlets mandated that they will only purchase halal meat. Halal certification is mandatory to supply raw meat to these outlets, due to which the work of Hindu meat sellers is ending", Vishnu Gupta, president of Hindu Sena, told Sputnik.
Gupta said they had also issued a warning to other food chains and five-star hotels and asked them to include non-halal meat in their menus to respect the Hindu faith and culture.

"Muslims do not eat non-halal meat. Several people of the Hindu religion do not eat halal meat. If they can respect Islam, what are the problems in extending the same respect to Hindus? We will not allow KFC to run from next month", Gupta added.

Hindus and Sikhs in India prefer jhatka meat, while Muslims vastly prefer halal.
Similar controversies were reported earlier this year in which Hindu groups accused the food delivery platform Zomato and fast food chain McDonald's of serving only halal food.
In January, Delhi's municipal corporations had made it mandatory for all restaurants to prominently display whether the meat they are serving is halal or jhatka.
Earlier this month, the National Commission for Minorities asked the Punjab government to issue an order to all restaurants to display the types of meat they serve.
In the southern Indian state of Kerala, Christian and Hindu outfits have launched a campaign against Muslim eateries, accusing them of serving saliva-mixed food to customers.
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