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Doctor Gets 'Interrogated', Loses Job After Removing 'Large Missile-Shaped' Object From Man's Rectum

© AP Photo / Richard DrewAmbulances fill the bay at New York Presbyterian Hospital, in New York, Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2021.
Ambulances fill the bay at New York Presbyterian Hospital, in New York, Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2021. - Sputnik International, 1920, 26.12.2021
The doctor reportedly argued that she described the questioning by hospital’s internal hearing committee as "demeaning and embarrassing", and insisted that the doctors "don’t really know" what the object in question was.
A colorectal surgeon named Deborah Keller has complained in a lawsuit filed in Manhattan Federal Court that administrators at New York Presbyterian Hospital “interrogated” her and asked questions about her sex life after she helped extract a “large foreign object” that was stuck in a man’s rectum, New York Post reports.
According to the newspaper, the object retrieval procedure took place in February 2020, and while another doctor, Mark Kiely, was in charge of the patient’s case, Keller was called in multiple times to help remove the stuck item from where it did not belong.
As Keller claims in her lawsuit, the next day after the surgery she was placed on administrative leave and subsequently questioned by hospital administrators, who allegedly asked if she violated the patient’s privacy by circulating the image of aforementioned object, “sexualised” said item as a “dildo”, and inquired if she was having sex with Kiely.
"They kept using inappropriate terms for the foreign [object], it was just getting contentious and questions that just didn’t have anything to do with the practice of medicine or patient care or colorectal surgery, making what I do seem like a joke," Keller said.
She also described the questioning by hospital’s internal hearing committee as “demeaning and embarrassing,” and insisted that the doctors “don’t really know” what the object in question – described by the newspaper as a “’massive’ missile-shaped item” – actually was.
In the court papers, Keller mentioned that Kiely, who called her to help “due to her recognised expertise,” had actually obtained the patient’s permission to “take photos and videos of the incident for educational purposes”, the newspaper notes.
She also did admit that she'd sent a picture of the object “to a surgical resident who had struggled to remove it in the emergency room”, but argued that it was done merely to show that the item in question was simply too big to be removed without using the operating room.
Keller also denied having a sexual relationship with Kiely.
6 Pounder AT gun in ww2 - Sputnik International, 1920, 03.12.2021
Locked and Loaded: Man Ends Up With WWII Artillery Shell Stuck in His Rectum
While Kiely was also initially suspended, he was eventually reinstated and never got questioned about the incident, while Keller ended up losing her job.
Keller reportedly alleges that, even though the hospital told her it won’t be renewing her contract prior to the rectal extraction incident, it later allegedly submitted falsified reports about the incident to the National Practitioner Data Bank, which left a “black mark on her reputation and hampered her chances of finding a job as a surgeon again.
"They are literally trying to ruin my career," said Keller, who currently works as a researcher and assistant professor in California.
She also suggested that she became targeted due to a number of gender discrimination complaints she filed against New York Presbyterian Chief of Colorectal Surgery Pokala Ravi Kiran, the newspaper adds.
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