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TikTok User Claims ‘Goblin/Gremlin’ Captured in Viral Footage

© Photo : TIKTOK/@bigfootanonymousGoblin
Goblin - Sputnik International, 1920, 18.12.2021
In the footage, a mysterious little creature can be seen peeping out of the door somewhere in an abandoned dungeon with eyes and soggy skin creepily sparkling in the dark.
A video with the caption “Do you believe [in] goblins and gremlins?” has triggered debate online, with users suggesting that the creature captured in the footage may be a “goblin” or a “reptilian.”
The terrifying footage was posted on the TikTok account @bigfootanonymous, which specializes in all sorts of paranormal and mystical phenomena.
“They are so scary looking. Would stop my heart if I see one,” one of the followers commented.
While some rushed to designate the footage as fake, others claim that they would not be at all happy to meet someone on a dark street dressed like the “goblin.”
“Who, what, when, where and why are not answered at all,” another user noted.
Or could it be a gremlin preparing to spoil someone's Christmas?
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