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Operation Whistle Pig; Back Channels and War Fever in Ukraine; Israel & the UAE

Operation Whistle Pig; Back Channels and War Fever In Ukraine; Israel & The UAE
Despite an aggressive tone, US quietly recognizes Russia grievances. How Western media can overstate the risks of war.
John Kiriakou, co-host of The Backstory on Radio Sputnik, joins us to talk about the curious case of Operation Whistle Pig, where a reporter was contacted by a potential source, only to be revealed later that this “source” was actually planting information and had mined data on the reporter in order to vet her. We talk about how the FBI eventually got involved and revealed a wide web of surveillance that goes beyond this particular case, and how this story up-ends perceptions about whistleblowing, the objectives of certain leakers, and how government agencies deal with cases like these.
Dan Kovalik, author and human rights and labor lawyer, joins us to talk about the annoying tensions between the US, Russia, Ukraine, the EU and NATO, and how we sometimes need to look beyond the bluster portrayed in the media, which has been inflating the risks over a war in the region. We talk about how despite the media bombast which has portrayed Biden and NATO standing fast in their demands in the region, there has been a recognition of grievances by Russia and the rebel regions despite Ukraine requesting more Western involvement. We also talk about the school shooting in Oxford, Michigan, and the legal fallout so far, and the labor struggle at Kellogg’s, where workers are continuing their strike after failed negotiations with management.
Mitchell Plitnick, political analyst, writer and president of ReThinking Foreign Policy, joins hosts Michelle Witte and Bob Schlehuber to talk about the ongoing negotiations over the nuclear deal with Iran taking place in Vienna, the ups and downs that have seen them almost fall apart, but that now seem to be taking a more positive note. We also talk about the visit of Israeli PM Naftali Bennett to the United Arab Emirates, as the two countries seek to deepen ties following the Abraham Accords and will likely discuss Iran’s nuclear program, as well as the Israeli government labeling six Palestinian NGOs as terrorist groups and how this is yet another effort to destroy Palestinian civil society.
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