Police Arrest Suspect Who Forced Dalit Man in Indian State of Bihar to Lick Spit - Video

© Photo : ndtv/screenshotIn Video, Dalit Man In Bihar Made To Do Sit-Ups
In Video, Dalit Man In Bihar Made To Do Sit-Ups - Sputnik International, 1920, 13.12.2021
India's caste system has been prevalent for hundreds of years, which has led to oppression and violence. Dalits were earlier known as "untouchables". Technically, untouchability was abolished in 1950, but is still prevalent in many Indian communities, especially in rural India.
A man from the Dalit (oppressed class) community in India's Bihar, Aurangabad was forced to do sit-ups, lick the spit of another man who lost local elections and allegedly vented his anger on other members of the same community.
The disgusting act was captured on video, which went viral on social media, subsequntly leading to the arrest of a suspect who tortured the Dalit man on Sunday.
In the 40-second video, the suspect, identified as Balwant Singh, can be seen verbally abusing the victim and forcing him to lick spit. He is also seen punishing other men by making them do sit-ups by holding their ears as a way of seeking an apology for having committed an offence.
Eleven-phase village council (Panchayat) elections in Bihar commenced on 24 September. Its results were announced on 12 December.
According to local media reports, Balwant Singh ran in the elections. But when he found that he lost, he blamed the Dalit community for his loss and started beating up two people from the community for allegedly not voting for him.
In the video, Singh can be heard saying that he even paid the two persons and they still didn't vote for him.
As per election rules, it is illegal to bribe any voter. Moreover, there is no way to ascertain which individual voted for which candidate or party.
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