Ghislaine Maxwell May Think Epstein Was Murdered in Prison, Brother Suggests

© REUTERS / JANE ROSENBERGGhislaine Maxwell sits with her defense lawyers during the trial of Maxwell, the Jeffrey Epstein associate accused of sex trafficking, in a courtroom sketch in New York City, U.S., December 10, 2021
Ghislaine Maxwell sits with her defense lawyers during the trial of Maxwell, the Jeffrey Epstein associate accused of sex trafficking, in a courtroom sketch in New York City, U.S., December 10, 2021 - Sputnik International, 1920, 12.12.2021
Convicted American sex offender Jeffrey Epstein died behind bars in 2019. Officials ruled the cause a suicide, but this was challenged by his lawyers, with Epstein's death still surrounded by speculation and conspiracies.
Ghislaine Maxwell may be among those who believe Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself, but was rather murdered, according to her brother Ian.
Speaking on The Spectator’s Americano podcast, Ian recalled a conspiracy claiming that his and Ghislaine's father, Robert Maxwell, was killed.

"Of all of my siblings Ghislaine is the only one who happens to believe that he [Robert Maxwell] was murdered", he said. "And I would venture to believe that she may also think that Epstein was murdered”.

A billionaire press mogul, Robert Maxwell was found dead as his body was floating in the Atlantic Ocean in 1991. It is said that he fell overboard from his yacht Lady Ghislaine - notably named after his daughter.
British press magnate Robert Maxwell's daughter Ghislaine (C) attends the funeral service for her father on the Mount of Olives on 10 November 1991. - Sputnik International, 1920, 22.11.2021
Doc Sheds Light on How Ghislaine Maxwell's 'Daddy Issues' Affected Relations With Epstein
Epstein, who Ghislaine is now believed to have supplied with underage girls for his sex trafficking ring, died in 2019 behind bars. Officials ruled that he killed himself, but his lawyers disputed this, pointing to several inconsistencies and violations that were registered on the night of his death.
Particularly, sceptics brought up the malfunction of two cameras in front of his cell and claims by Epstein that he had compromising information on some of the world's most powerful figures. The doubts around his deaths have resulted in plenty of conspiracy theories suggesting that Epstein did not commit suicide, with some of them claiming he was murdered.
Ian Maxwell offered his own view of the late American financier, describing him as a man who was "clearly intelligent", but also "somebody who took things from you rather than gave things back".

"Not a very clubbable man, not a man you want to go and have a drink with", Ian concluded.

According to him, Ghislaine is now being scapegoated because Epstein is no longer alive.

"I think that the key thing that I have always thought about is that she should never have been put on trial", Ian said, defending his sister. "The case against her is really a case against Jeffrey Epstein that has been reverse-engineered post his death against my sister".

Ghislaine is facing several sex trafficking counts, all of which she rejected before and during her ongoing trial in New York. Over the two weeks that the trial has been continuing, several alleged victims of Epstein and other witnesses have come forward, revealing new insights into the case.
Among the revelations are even speculations that Maxwell might have been pregnant at some point in her relationship with Epstein.
The prosecutors insist that Maxwell created a "pyramid scheme of abuse" to procure underage girls for the late sex offender. The prosecution case was rested on 10 December, with the hearings due to resume on Monday with the opening of the defence’s case.
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