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Russian Scientists Suggest Teaching AI Creative Writing

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Artificial intelligence brain think - Sputnik International, 1920, 09.12.2021
Scientists from the Samara National Research University have suggested a new approach to train artificial intelligence (AI) by teaching it to write stories similar to works created by humans. According to them, AI needs to learn how to analyse human behaviour and human-written fiction texts in order to do so.
AI is actively penetrating modern life by performing an increasing number of functions in various fields as scientists seek to harness its self-learning ability for humanity's benefit.
So far, researchers have not correlated the development of AI's ability to write fiction with the scientific study of human behaviour. Researchers at Samara University have proposed considering these topics together and suggested that fiction can be used as an empirical source to describe human behaviour. We need to analyse them with AI; at the same time, algorithms can be trained to write quality texts by considering behavioural analysis.
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Researchers relied primarily on Kurt Lewin's change theory to analyse human behaviour. They proposed breaking down each story into fragments, including descriptions of the character's social status, his psycho-physiological state, circumstances, and behaviour and then analysing the connections between these variables. This formulates a descriptive grammar of typical cultural and epochal behaviour and establishes rules like the following: “Such-and-such a character in such-and-such a typical state and under such-and-such typical circumstances can realise such-and-such typical forms of behaviour,” said Andrei Serikov, the author of the study and associate professor of philosophy at Samara University.
“A better understanding of human behaviour can be widely applied in all fields, from the development of AI and its communication with humans to medicine and other applications. So far, AI is composing very primitive stories. One of the reasons is that not only the software, but humans themselves have a poor understanding of the basics of human behaviour,” Serikov explained.
Scientists at Samara University have suggested a possible solution to the issue; they hope to engage programmers in their research to create a neural network capable of analysing fiction texts and help train AI to better understand human behaviour.
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