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Biden-Putin Summit; Is Omicron a Winner in Covid Fight?; Facebook Lawsuit

Biden-Putin Summit; Is Omicron a Winner in Covid Fight?; Facebook Lawsuit
US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet today in a virtual summit as NATO edges closer to the Russian border.
Mark Sleboda, Moscow-based international relations security analyst, joins us to discuss the Putin-Biden summit. US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin met on Tuesday in a virtual summit as NATO advances closer to the Russian border. The world watches with bated breath as the two nuclear powers teeter on the edge of a collision that was created by the US overthrow of the government of Ukraine.
Scott Ritter, former UN weapons inspector in Iraq, joins us to discuss the EU's "Cuban Missile Crisis" on the Russian border. The hope for a peaceful solution to the United States' advances on the Russian border is weak, but still alive as Europe faces an existential crisis of its own making.
Dr. Yolandra Hancock, board-certified pediatrician and obesity medicine specialist, joins us to discuss the omicron variant. As the latest coronavirus variant continues its inevitable takeover of the landscape, there is a rare discussion as to whether the milder version of the virus could potentially bring an end to the pandemic via a process known as the "law of diminishing virulence."
George Koo, journalist, social activist, and international business consultant, joins us to discuss China. The US has announced a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics in China. Also, we discuss Chinese tennis player Peng Shuai, whose recent actions have been used as a blunt weapon to attack the Chinese government.
K.J. Noh, activist, writer, and teacher, joins us to discuss the latest lawsuit against Facebook. A 150 billion dollar lawsuit against Facebook has been filed by Rohingya refugees arguing that the social media giant did not use enough censorship to stop hate speech against their group. Some civil libertarian observers are suspicious that the lawsuit may be another move to facilitate increased censorship on social media.
Robert Fantina, journalist and Palestine activist, joins us to discuss Israel and Iran. Israel has launched another series of attacks on the nation of Syria. Also, Israel is making a number of odd demands of the US related to negotiations over the JCPOA.
Gerald Horne, professor of history at the University of Houston, author, historian, and researcher, joins us to discuss Ethiopia. The US is moving to destabilize the African nation, and many suspect that the move is another proxy attack on China. The US seems to be moving to destabilize and overthrow a number of African governments in an overt attempt to decrease Chinese influence on the resource-rich continent.
Ajamu Baraka, 2016 US vice-presidential candidate for the Green Party, joins us to discuss President Biden's summit of democracy. President Biden has invited the US-sponsored Venezuelan actor Juan Guaido to his worldwide summit of democracies in a move that is increasingly revealing this gathering as a theater of the absurd.
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