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Russia, Ukraine, & NATO Tensions; Dorsey Out at Twitter; Hunting and Food Security

Russia, Ukraine, & NATO tensions; Dorsey Out At Twitter; Hunting And Food Security
Tensions rise amid accusations of military buildups in Ukraine. Will we see a peaceful resolution to this conflict?
Mark Sleboda, international affairs and security analyst, joins the Misfits to talk about rising tensions between Russia, Ukraine, and NATO amid accusations of border military buildups that some say may run the risk of sparking a hot war. We talk about the meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Latvia, where there were calls of expanding their military presence in the country under the justification of defending against alleged Russian "aggression" while NATO forces encircle Russia’s borders from north to south. We also talk about proposals regarding the expulsion of members, which could affect Turkey, whether there is a chance of this happening, and NATO revising its “strategic concept,” which may signal a pivot to countering China.
Jamarl Thomas, co-host of Fault Lines on Radio Sputnik, joins us to talk about the news that Jack Dorsey is stepping down as CEO of Twitter and what this means for the social media giant. We talk about whether this is a repeat of his stepping down a few years ago only to come back, or if we are seeing a final retirement, how most decision making in the company has been delegated to others for some years now, and whether there will be any more regulations on the platform after his departure.
Michael Aversa, co-founder of Hunters Helping the Hungry, talks to us about how responsible hunting practices can help with the problem of food security in the country. We discuss “Hunters Feeding the Hungry,” which encompasses not only hunters, but encompasses a network of hunters, butchers, food banks, and how they navigate federal and state regulations to provide food alternatives.
Dan Lazare, journalist and writer, joins us to talk about a joint statement by the ambassadors of Russia and China to the US, questioning the commitment of the country to democracy, both domestically and internationally, the importance of international institutions, and how the US skates around them. We also talk about the ongoing negotiations underway in Vienna, and whether western European countries will make a serious commitment to revive the nuclear deal.
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