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C-3PO Let Loose: Creepy Video of Mysterious Metallic 'Alien' Resurfaces Online

CC BY-SA 2.0 / Flickr / Jiuguang Wang / C-3PO, on display at the Robot Hall of Fame
C-3PO, on display at the Robot Hall of Fame - Sputnik International, 1920, 30.10.2021
The hazy footage, shot on June 7, 2010, in a rural area of Alberta, Canada, left viewers perplexed back then and even now, as they spotted a human-like figure with "metallic skin" meandering across a farm.
An old video of an "alien" smashing furniture on a farm has emerged online yet again, leading conspiracy theorists to believe it is one of the "most conclusive" pieces of evidence of extraterrestrial life.
The tape was captured "five years before people started uploading fake UFO videos on the internet," according to self-proclaimed truth-seeker Scott Waring, who publishes rather unusual hypotheses on his website UFO Sightings Daily.
In the grainy video made in pseudo night mode, the cameraman guides the flash into an empty room where a shiny figure is seen wandering before knocking over a chair.
The thing dashes across the room and vanishes into the shadows. According to the "witness'" statement on the original Blogspot page from 2010, who identified himself only as Mr. Beehat, the puzzling scene was taken about midnight.

"A few days prior to this, me and my brother had been hearing noises from the yard at night and thought we had seen something out the window, so we decided to keep a camera handy in case it happened again," the witness explained. "As you can see, the footage we captured shows a tall creature with a strange manner of walking. It had quite large hands with three fingers each and appeared to almost go completely invisible at times."

Adding to the spookiness, the witness claimed the creature had "almost metallic-looking skin."
The way the thing ran frightened some observers. The majority of others, however, were skeptical, claiming that it appeared to be special effects from movie clips.
"This literally looks like footage from Scary Movie 3," one user said.
While another compared it to C-3PO, a metallic droid character from the Star Wars movie, considering its similar gait.
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