Thy Kingdom Come: K-Pop Boy-Band Battle It Out to Wear the 'Black Crown'

© KINGDOM (킹덤)/ YouTubeThy Kingdom Come: K-Pop Boy-Band Battle It Out to Wear the 'Black Crown'
Thy Kingdom Come: K-Pop Boy-Band Battle It Out to Wear the 'Black Crown' - Sputnik International, 1920, 13.10.2021
This brand new boy-band which was formed only this year by GF Entertainment and released its debut extended play as recently as February has latched on to a unique way of releasing each new album.
GF Entertainment's latest boy-band, Kingdom, has set tongues wagging and captured the attention of its hordes of fans after it launched on 13 October the music video for the lead song on its latest extended play 'History of Kingdom: Part Ⅲ. Ivan'.
This is already the third extended play the band has released in only 10 months. Their first 'History of Kingdom: Part I. Arthur', won the band almost unprecedented popularity when it was released in February with its lead song 'Excalibur'. In July, the seven boys - Dann, Mujin, Arthur, Louis, Ivan, Jahan and Chiwoo - hit the jackpot again with 'History of Kingdom: Part II. Chiwoo' with its lead song 'Karma'.
Now, the superstars are dusting off their weaponry once more to defend their kingdoms as they prepare to launch their third album with the lead song 'Black Crown'. Each of the members is overlord of a fantasy kingdom - Dann is King of Denmark, Louis King of France, Chiwoo the ancient Chinese Emperor Chiyou, Arthur is King of Britain, Ivan is Tsar of Russia, Mujin is Japanese Emperor Jimmu, and Jahan is the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan.
Now, as the Constable of France in Shakespeare's Henry V would no doubt say, "let the trumpet sound, the tucket sonance and the note to mount!" But one thing is for sure - this battle royal will have fans of the group, known as Kingmakers, on the edge of their seat rooting for their personal favourite.
Kingdom is gearing up for full comeback activities on 21 October with an online showcase and release of 'History of Kingdom: Part 3. Ivan'.
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