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Clinton and Yeltsin Got Drunk in Kremlin Restroom, Book Claims

© Sputnik / Alexander MakarovThen-Russian President Boris Yeltsin and his US counterpart Bill Clinton at a meeting in the Kremlin, Moscow, in January 1994
Then-Russian President Boris Yeltsin and his US counterpart Bill Clinton at a meeting in the Kremlin, Moscow, in January 1994 - Sputnik International, 1920, 26.09.2021
According to a new book by Boris Yeltsin's former son-in-law, Hillary Clinton would not allow her husband, former US President Bill Clinton, to drink much, despite his alleged love for alcohol.
The 42nd US President Bill Clinton once happened to enjoy a couple of drinks with his then-Russian counterpart Boris Yeltsin during one of their official meetings in Moscow... after they had a table rigged up for them in a Kremlin restroom, according to a book by Alexey Dyachenko, Yeltsin's ex-son-in-law.
It was Yeltsin himself who revealed the story to Dyachenko, per the book "From Yeltsin to Putin. And backwards", cited by the Russian media. During one meeting in the Kremlin, Bill Clinton apparently craved a drink, but his wife, Hillary, would not indulge him. It did not go unnoticed by the then-Russian president, who swiftly ordered his aides to set up a table in a restroom.

"Naturally, the restroom in the Kremlin is unusual", the book reads. "Clean and imposing in size. Allows you not only to sit at the table. It's not a shame to invite a lady to dance there either".

When everything was ready, Yeltsin "signalled" to Clinton that he wanted to talk to him in person and the two disappeared. After their return, the 42nd president was "tipsy". Even Hillary noticed that something was wrong with her husband, but could not understand why, according to Dyachenko.
"So she didn't figure it out then", Dyachenko writes. "Maybe she will read these notes and decipher that old plot. I hope that it will not be the most painful in the long series of her 'transcripts'".
During his presidential tenure, Yeltsin suffered from heart problems and alcoholism. He would notoriously steal headlines with his "bizarre" behaviour. Even then-President Clinton claimed that, during his visit to Washington, DC, in 1995, Yeltsin was found drunk on Pennsylvania Avenue in search of a taxi cab that could help him find some pizza.
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