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The Border Czar Gets an F-, for Her Handling of the Immigration Crisis

The Border Czar Gets an F-, for Her Handling of the Immigration Crisis
On today’s episode of The Backstory, host Lee Stranahan and co-host John Kiriakou discussed current events, including the US to ease Covid travel restrictions for fully vaccinated foreign nationals, and Anthony Fauci claiming that people will need at least one booster shot to be considered properly vaccinated against COVID19.
Joy Villa - Singer, Songwriter, and Actress | The Met Gala, Political Dresses, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Sean Stone - Actor, Filmmaker, and Author | The 2021 Emmy's Maskless, Studying for Film Roles, and Conditions in American Prisons
Carter Laren - Co-host of Unsafe Spaces | Democrats Don't Like the Scientific Method, Atheism, and Dr. Fauci
In the first hour, Lee and John spoke with Joy Villa about her MAGA dress, the designer of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's dress, and politicians monetizing activism. Joy talked about her conversion into conservatism and Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez being a hypocrite.
Lee and John spoke with Sean Stone about his role as a prisoner, Sean's Youtube channel taken down, and the liberal agenda. Sean talked about celebrities promoting the COVID19 vaccine and the White House worried about Nicki Minaj tweets. Sean spoke about people having an open mind and why his Youtube was disabled.
In the second hour, Lee and John spoke with Carter Laren on the Atheist movement, Chinese medical opinions, and objectivism. Carter spoke on people becoming attached to science, but not respecting the scientific method. Carter talked about his wife and her experience with medicine in China and contrasts with American medical opinions.
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