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Fault Lines
From Washington DC - the capital of the divided states of America - it's time for a show that brings you both sides of the issues that the country is talking about. We battle it out, Monday through Friday, on a show that's explosive, informative and entertaining.

France Pushes Back Hard Against US-Australia Nuclear Submarine Deal

France Pushes Back Hard Against US-Australia Nuclear Submarine Deal
On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Shane Stranahan talk about the beginnings of America's cultural imitation of China with a new lifestyle trend, as well as the massive shockwaves of last week's AUKUS submarine deal.

Mark Frost - Economist, professor, consultant, marine and capitalist | China-like Worker Shortage

Peter Oliver - EU correspondent for RT International | Effect of France's Break with the US For Europe & Germany After Merkel

In the first hour Mark Frost joined the show to talk about the push in the US to not return to work and how this seems like a resurgence of the same phenomena that occurred in China not long ago. Is this a model that the US commonfolk can handle in the long term?

In the second hour Fault Lines was joined by Peter Oliver for a discussion on France withdrawing their ambassador from the United States and what Europe on a whole thinks of this move. Peter also talked about what Germany could look like when Angela Merkel steps down as chancellor of Germany.
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