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Brazil Bolsonaro Protests; El Salvador and Bitcoin; Warrior Met Strike

Brazil Bolsonaro Protests; El Salvador and Bitcoin; Warrior Met Strike
El Salvador adopts bitcoin as legal tender. Will this help regular El Salvadoreans, or reward speculators?
Aline Piva, researcher and journalist based in Sao Paulo, joins us to talk about the ongoing protests in Brazil, where President Bolsonaro called for his supporters to take to the streets, which in turn sparked counter protests across the country. We talk about the broader connections of the Bolsonaro government to other conservative movements, including some in the US, whether these pro-Bolsonaro protests are being used to divert attention from various corruption probes and his sagging popularity among Brazilians, and the possible matchup against Lula in the next elections.
Sinclair Skinner, co-founder of BitMari, a Pan-African blockchain remittance platform, human rights activist, political adviser, and serial entrepreneur, talks to us about El Salvador making bitcoin legal tender in the country this week, how this transition is going, whether the country has the technological infrastructure in place to implement these changes, and whether the move to cryptocurrency will benefit all El Salvadoreans, and not just currency speculators.
Jacob Morrison, co-host of The Valley Labor Report radio show and podcast, talks to us about the ongoing Warrior Met Coal miners strike, efforts to generate solidarity among the population, actions taken by the strikers beyond the South, and whether the media is giving them a fair shake in the coverage. We also talk about how studies demonstrate that union membership is essential to the fight for economic equality, social and racial justice, and what could be done to strengthen workers in the US.
John Kiriakou, co-host of the Backstory on Radio Sputnik, talks to us about new poll highlighting US sentiments towards government surveillance and what Americans thought about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the CIA’s social media presence and what this means for whitewashing their history, and the probe into rogue security unit at the Commerce Department that was collecting information on hundreds of its employees and average citizens.
Austin Pelli, producer at Radio Sputnik, talks to us about Derek Jeter’s induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame, and former NFL running back Clinton Portis pleaded guilty on Friday to conspiracy to commit health care fraud.
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