Helping Afghan Refugees; Agriculture and Climate Change; Police Accountability

Helping Afghan Refugees; Agriculture and Climate Change; Police Accountability
Organizations scramble to help Afghan refugees arriving in the US. How reforms to our immigration system can help asylum seekers.
Syed Minhaj Hassan, communications & media specialist at Islamic Relief USA, talks to us about relief efforts to help Afghan refugees settle in the U.S. and other countries after the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. We talk about the work that Islamic Relief is doing, the challenges faced dealing in particular with Afghan refugees and how to assist them finding housing, how they are also working towards promoting food security in the country, and what sort of long term support is needed for refugees.
Jason Dzubow, writer for The Asylumist and immigration attorney specializing in political asylum and appeals, talks to us about asylum seekers and the processes through which they’re either accepted or turned away, in light of the 24,000 Afghan refugees who have already arrived in the US. We also talk about the threats that Afghans who worked for the US face in Afghanistan now, the Special Immigrant Visa program and whether it’s adequately implemented and funded, and contradictions the administration is presenting when it comes to immigration and asylum-seeking.
Jim Goodman, board president of the National Family Farm Coalition, talks to us about the intersection of farming, climate change and corporate consolidation in how we produce food in the US. We talk about the megadrought in the west, which has resulted in the first-ever water shortage declaration at Lake Mead, whether previous rates of meat production are sustainable, and how carbon credits are not the right solution for agriculture and climate change, harming small and medium-sized farmers and helping big agribusiness, which contributes the largest share of pollution. 
Jamal Muhammad, host of the Luv Lounge radio show and the Old School Lunch Bag Mix on Square 1 radio, and Dr. Allison Agwu, associate professor of pediatric and adult infectious diseases at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, talk to us about the district attorney who interfered in the investigation into the vigilante killing of Ahmaud Arbery, the charges being brought against the police and medics in Colorado who killed Elijah McClain, and the hard work across the board involved in making police accountable. 
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