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'A Whole Fleet of Them': Redditors Trying to Figure Out UFO Phenomena Over Nashville, Tennessee

Ufo - Sputnik International, 1920, 23.08.2021
In recent years, Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) sightings seem to be occurring more often, thanks to modern technologies and the ability of almost everyone to film these phenomena and share them on social networks.
Netizens are questioning whether they saw multiple alien spacecraft in the early hours of the morning after seeing bright lights flashing in the sky above "Music City," and the center for country music in particular.
CallMeClinton, a Reddit member, uploaded a video of what he felt was a UFO sighting from Nashville. In that video, quite a few bright spots can be seen moving rather chaotically in the night sky, however, it is hard to tell the distance between them and the cameraman, or how high they were.
"Anyone in Nashville seeing these lights right now? I feel like I’m not lucky enough to be seeing a ufo so I need a second eye," the user wrote as he asked other Redditors to take a look.
The lights were moving in "what seems to be random flight patterns" and "suddenly accelerating around," according to the witness, who was touring Tennessee's capital.
"Some will go really high up and behind clouds. This is pointing SW towards the airport but I can’t think of anything that moves like this," they added. "Also sorry for the s**tty phone camera I don’t have a fancy one. They are mostly solid lights unless they go too far but the camera is making it look like they’re fading in and out."
The Cosmic UFO, by Cloud b, that features moving projections of the Norther Lights, is demonstrated at the TTPM Holiday Showcase, in New York, Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2014. - Sputnik International, 1920, 06.07.2021
Full Pentagon UFO Report Details US Tests of Alien Propulsion Tech at Area 51, Historian Claims
Reddit users reacted positively to the video, with nearly 500 comments praising the poster for his unexpected discovery. One Redditor praised the quality of the video and the camera skills, saying: "Provided that this is not doctored in any way, I must say, one of the better videos I have seen as of late." Another user congratulated the poster for such a rare feat - capturing a UFO phenomenon on camera.
"There's a whole fleet of them," commented an excited viewer, who was later corrected by another, adding that there was a "flock" instead.
Others, on the other hand, were skeptical that the film actually depicted extraterrestrial life. 
"I'm not sure why people always make the first assumption that this type of video has captured some sort of alien craft. I'm sorry, but they DO move like bats," a perceptive viewer said in response to the footage, while the next poster stated that the sighting appears to be birds flying over upward light sources, possibly downtown buildings.
In the US, increased interest in UFO sightings has been observed especially in light of a recently published government report on these unexplained phenomena. However, US authorities did not confirm the existence of extraterrestrial tourists on our planet. But those who want to believe continue to look for signs of life from other worlds.
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