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'Intern in Charge of Mid East Policy': Donald Trump Jr Mocks WH Influencer Ad Amid Taliban Takeover

© Photo : Twitter / @RyannMcEnanyScreenshot from a video of a White House vaccination ad campaign that involved a TikTok influencer
Screenshot from a video of a White House vaccination ad campaign that involved a TikTok influencer - Sputnik International, 1920, 15.08.2021
On Sunday, the Taliban* movement asserted that it had established control over all districts of the Afghan capital city of Kabul, as Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled the country. Western countries, including the US, are evacuating diplomatic personnel from Kabul.
As the Taliban* established control over the Afghan capital city on Sunday, some online recalled a short vaccine ad created by the White House that involved a TikTok influencer and the Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, noting how the eyebrow-raising clip was posted just days before the Taliban surge in Afghanistan.
Among those smirking over the video were Donald Trump Jr, who sarcastically suggested that the Afghan situation may be a result of Biden putting his TikTok "intern" in charge of the Middle East policy.
The clip in question was released a few days ago, featuring a provocative TikToker, Benny Drama, with long nails, who is seen walking around the White House, sipping coffee from a branded paper cup and giving Jen Psaki a hard time while she tries to get him to promote vaccines among young people - all of it, apparently, in an ironic way.
The irony, however, did not appear to age well for some.
​Many users shared the sentiment, saying that the US is in "trouble" and even appearing to miss the former president, Donald Trump.
​Some were quick to remember that it was the ex-president who initially negotiated a peace deal with the Taliban and envisaged the US drawdown in Afghanistan, slamming Trump Jr for bringing up the topic.
The ​Trump administration negotiated a peace agreement with the Taliban in 2020, envisaging the withdrawal of American troops from the region in exchange for sanctions relief for the militants, if they stuck to the deal.
After his successor, US President Joe Biden, started to pull American troops out of the region, prompting the swift surge of the Taliban in the country, Trump slammed Biden's policy in the region, saying that the 46th president should have instead followed a "plan" left by the previous administration.
* The Taliban - a terrorist organization banned in Russian and many other countries
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