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'I'm Stuck': Golden Retriever Entertains Itself by Running After Its Tail

© Photo : InstagramGolden retriever.
Golden retriever. - Sputnik International, 1920, 29.07.2021
Like a Mobius Strip, dogs can get themselves into a seemingly impossible configuration thanks to their tendency to chase their tail. But why do they do it? Puppies are believed to do so because they simply do not realise their tail is part of their body. But adult dogs do this when they are bored, experts say.
A video has been shared on Instagram recently, showing a golden retriever running after its tail.
What makes the scene so funny is that the dog is chasing its tail while moving around its owner's leg and eventually the dog encircles the man. 
For a second, the dog even looks a bit confused by the fact that it has not just caught its tail but got stuck to the owner's leg.
Let's hope the retriever was just having fun and that he could work out why he had a pain in his tail when he finally bit it.
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