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Cuban Regime Change Rhetoric Ramps Up as Russia, Mexico Send Aid

Cuban Regime Change Rhetoric Ramps Up As Russia, Mexico Send Aid
Chinese official says US-China relations at “stalemate”; Terrorists turns US weapons on Syrians; States, Big Pharma reach an opioid settlement
In this episode of By Any Means Necessary, hosts Sean Blackmon and Jacquie Luqman are joined by K.J. Noh, a geopolitical analyst, member of Veterans for Peace, and senior correspondent with Flashpoints on KPFA, to discuss the recent high-level bilateral talks between senior Chinese and US officials, why China’s diplomats have declared that the relationship between the countries is at a “stalemate,” and new evidence debunking the corporate disinformation campaign alleging China is carrying out ‘genocide’ against Uyghur Muslims. 
In the second segment, Sean and Jacquie are joined by independent journalist and photographer Vanessa Beeley to discuss her new article in Dissident Voice, “Syrian Civilians Attacked by Terrorists Using American Weapons,” how US-manufactured arms continue to make their way into the hands of internationally designated terrorist organizations, and the efforts to provide “humanitarian aid” to Syrian territories currently controlled by Salafist jihadist factions.
In the third segment, Sean and Jacquie are joined by Liberation News editor Walter Smolarek to discuss the recent $26 billion settlement negotiated between Big Pharma corporations and fourteen states, how the pharmaceutical industry managed to issue 7 opiate prescriptions for every 10 West Virginia residents, and what explains the lack of criminal charges for those responsible for the opioid epidemic.
Later in the show, Sean is joined by Breakthrough News journalist Kei Pritsker to discuss why he sees the beginning of a sea change in popular sentiment regarding US imperialism, comments by Mexican President Lopez Obrador insisting that “President Biden must make a decision about… the blockade,” and why imperialist aggression abroad means lower standards of living for working people at home.
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