I Got Your Back! Cat and Lizard Hang Together Just Like Besties

© Photo : cutefunnycatss/instagramCat Cute Lovers
Cat Cute Lovers - Sputnik International, 1920, 22.07.2021
Sometimes, animals cannot stand each other - like cats and dogs, elephants and spiders, crocodiles and anacondas, scorpions and everything - and this instinctive dislike militates against the two species forming bonds of close friendship. However, in some cases, they are so different that you cannot even predict their reaction to one another.
This cat and its lizard buddy may seem an unlikely pairing but they definitely trust each other. The feline seems chilled when the lizard sits on its back, and the reptile is very calm, ready to relax with its fluffy pal, enjoying the warmth of its bestie's soft coat as if it's no big deal.
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