UFO Day: 'Alien & Mysterious Objects' That Shocked Indians

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UFO - Sputnik International, 1920, 02.07.2021
In recent months, the US defense and former President Barack Obama confirmed the possibilities of alien existence and sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) on Earth. Adding fuel to the fire, several sightings of UFOs and bizarre figures have been making it to the headlines from India as well.
Every year, 2 July is marked as “World UFO Day”. It was declared in 2001 by a group called the “World UFO Day Organisation (WUFODO)” so that believers had a special day reveal evidence of extra terrestrial (ET) existence and support theories.
If Hollywood films are to be believed, aliens and UFOs visiting the US are about as normal as seeing the stars and stripes flying outside someone's home. However, the US faces stiff competition from India when it comes to sightings.
In 2017, a report citing senior Indian archaeologist JR Bhagat claimed that 10,000-year-old rock paintings in the tribal Bastar region of India’s Chhattisgarh state, show large human-like figures, landing on Earth from a UFO.
In fact, since last year, the many sightings of alien-like objects have excited thousands of Indians.

Obscure Figure Baffles Indians on Highway

In May this year, a strange human-like figure was caught on camera by residents of Hazaribagh city in Jharkhand state.
The glossy humanoid appeared naked, gazing at onlookers commuting along the highway.
Recordings showed people discussing how strange this “person” looked. A streak of red lights in the night sky was also captured on camera adding to the belief that a UFO was involved.

The “UFO Visits” to India in June 2020

Last year, in June, two UFO sightings – one in the Raipur city of Chhattisgarh state and the other in Haryana state’s Ghespur Village – left Indian space enthusiasts goggle-eyed.
In Raipur, a shiny, circular flying object was recorded moving quickly across the sky for several minutes before vanishing with an abrupt flicker.
In Ghespur, on the other hand, a random cluster of lights was seen shooting across the sky. Videos of both cases went viral.

​The ‘Floating Fireball’ In Kolkata Skies

 A video of a colour-changing “lit” object in the sky in Kolkata in 2007 spread like wildfire, sparking alien-related theories.
After seeing these figures and objects, confirmation from US authorities that UFOs do indeed exist has thrilled enthusiasts and really sparked their curiosity. However, some incidents in India that were first believed to be alien-related turned out to be random sights which were totally unrelated to anything "ET".

‘Alien Attack’ Fear in India’s National Capital Region

On 18 October last year, Uttar Pradesh residents near Delhi realised alien invasion conspiracies were not a laughing matter when a weird robot-like figure was seen flying high in the sky. It later turned out to be a balloon shaped like the character from Marvel Comics, Iron Man.

The ‘Sound Shock’ That Echoed Through Bengaluru City

Residents of India’s “Silicon Valley” were not slow to start predicting a spaceship landing somewhere, after loud “booms” were heard in several parts of the city. The sound was caused due to an industrial malfunction on the outskirts of the city.

The Disk-Like Something Floating Above The Taj Mahal

An unidentified object that was spotted over the iconic Taj Mahal, located in Uttar Pradesh state, startled many Indians in 2003.
Though UFO enthusiasts were intrigued by the pictures, sceptics simply termed the object a "bug" in the lens of the photographer.
Recently, former US President Barack Obama said in an interview that the matter of UFOs should be taken seriously, noting that US officials have recordings of mysterious objects that they are struggling to understand.
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